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Your professional organizer, right here in Savannah, GA.

Amber Smith - Professional Organizer - Savannah, GA

My name is Amber Smith and I was born and raised right here in Savannah.

Organizing is my passion. As early as I can remember I have been conscientious of order. As a young girl, I would rearrange everything in my room by color and category. My pencil box was always organized and labeled accordingly. I also had the coolest caboodle with multiple sections that was categorized by what part of the face the products were used for.

At 25, I decided to participate in a professional organizing class online. I received a certificate as a professional organizer. This class taught me many ways to maximize space while making sense of where items are kept.

I believe that every space in a home should be able to be seen. No “forbidden rooms” or “junk drawers.” Since 2011, I have completed multiple projects incorporating my ability to create order in client’s homes, businesses and everyday life.

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